Team Highlights

  • Winter training starts TBD for 2017/2018 season
  • Practices 2017 summer Practice times from June 12th- August 31st.
    • Monday - 4:00-5:00 p.m. @ Rochester Cycling
    • Tuesday- All comers track meets at 6:00 pm soldiers field
    • Wednesday - 4:00-5:00 p.m. @ Cycling at Gibbs elementary
    • Thursday - 4:00-5:00 a.m. @ Running at Soldiers Field
    • ​Friday- Brick practice at Foster Arends 4:00-5:00 pm
  • Racing season and training starts in May and runs through August
  • Cyclones will be coached by Triton Multisports certified coaches
  • Training will include swim, bike, run and education days
  • Cyclones will receive discounts on gear through Rochester Cycling & Terraloco & other sponsors
  • Cyclones will train in Triton Multisports training studio located at Rochester Cycling & Rochester Rec Center
  • Professional team kits by Kiwami are available for purchase at anytime 2 week turnaround
  • Contact-Andre Bennatan @ kiwami 1-224-544-5034 (inform him you are a Cyclone with Triton Multisports).
  • Team parties will take place at our sponsor or team organized locations
  • Cyclones will have recommended team races throughout the season, which will include our team tent, nutrition, and coaches
  • Ages for the team start at 7 up through 18 (ages for training only) kids under 7 can be on the team
  • Multiple price packages for training will be available depending on athletes need and interest
  • All training will include indoor group spinning on athletes own bike.  Kurt Kinetic trainers are provided by Triton Multisports.  Athlete can store their bike at the bike shop for their convenience.  Swimming will be conducted at the Soldiers Field pool or Rochester Rec. Center depending on time frame and at Fosters Arend in the Summer for open water swimming.  Running outside on track, trail at Soldier field.

For swimming in 2017 we are teamed up with the Orcas to help coach our athletes and provide us with pool space. Any kid signed up for triathlon training will have to swim 2-3 days a week with a level 3 group that corresponds with their age group. If you child would like to swim fill out Orcas/Triton Form on waiver page and include $80 check to Orcas for insurance through USA swimming. All practice payments will be paid through our website below.

  • Majority of the winter training will be after school from 4:15-5:15 PM.  Exceptions on some swim days
  • As we increase the number of kids, training will be broken up into 2 different classes depending on age and ability (summer months only)

Training Plans

Bronze Level
-The Bronze level will include 1 practice per week.  Cost-$40/mo

Silver Level
-The Silver level will include 2 practices per week.  Cost-$60/mo

Gold Level
-The Gold level will include 3 practices per week.  Cost-$80/mo

Platinum Level 
-The Platinum level will include 4 practices per week.  Cost-$100/mo

Cyclone Unlimited
-The Cyclone unlimited allows you to sign up for every practice during a week. Cost-$120/mo

Family Unlimited 
-The family unlimited will include unlimited practices/week for up to two athletes.  Cost-$200/mo

Single Day Sign-Up
-Single day sign-up is available for $10/day (only for Cycling or Running)

Payment Options
-Cash or Check (made out to Triton Multisports)
-Online Payment
-Credit Card at our office location

*Kids can be part of the team without participating in a training plan.  Especially for those kids that are under 7 yrs old. Membership fee is $40/yr.  

*Athletes that opt out of training will still be able to participate at team races, education days and team parties.

How do I sign up for training?
Click on the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT icon at the bottom of the page to schedule which training you would like to attend. Or for quick sign ups we have created a page just with schedule appointment icon for quick signups.


                                                Click on the blue icon to the left to sign up your athlete for classes

*If you have any other questions about joining the Cyclones, please contact Kris at or contact Triton Multisports at 507-254-1433