Triton Multisports certified triathlon coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you are looking to finish your first 5k or ironman or you want to slowly get back into shape and start a nutrition plan, we have a plan tailored to meet your specific needs, goals and time lines.  

Each plan provides a workout schedule that fits within your busy lifestyle.  Your training plans will be directly sent to your premiumTraining Peaks account where you can view them using any computer or smart phone app.  By using one of our suggested heart rate monitors, all of your training data can be sent directly to your Training Peaks account where your coach can break down your workout step by step so we can provide you with feedback.

All coaches are USAT certified triathlon coaches.  Some of our coaches have strong backgrounds in specific areas, therefore we all work together to create the best possible training plan for you.  Triton Multisports is located in Rochester, MN.

Winter 5k Race Series Rochester, MN 2014
Triton Events is proud to welcome and host the very first Rochester, MN 5k race series.  Not only is Rochester, MN fitting for a race series, but to do it in the Winter offers even more challenge and exitement!  

This is not your average 5k series.  There are big prizes to be won at this series.  How BIG? How about a prize purse of over $3,800!  There will be 11 different age groups (male & female). Each age groups 1st place prize is a $100 value item from our major sponsor TerraLoco. 2nd and 3rd place age group prizes will be $50 and $25 prizes.  

What do you get for regestering for the whole series before Nov 15th?  Anyone who registers for the series will receive a FREE Winter Series Signature sport-wick stretch 1/2 zip pullover at a $50 value.  Each racer who completes each race will also receive a Winter Race Series Signatrure medal

Yes, it will be a cold run, but be assured that all of our runs will end in the warmth of Doolley's Pub for all post race activites with food and drinks.

How Does The Series Work?
-To qualify to win age group pizes, you must run at least 2 of the 3 races.  If you race all 3, then your slowest time will drop. Your 2 fastest times will count for your overall race time and qualify you for age group awards.  Final age group awards will be presented to winners at the end of the New Years Eve race at Dooley's Pub.  All races will be chipped timed. 

How Much Are The Races?
-SERIES $100 (Includes Signature Race Series Pullover) *If registered before first race

*There are 4 different registration options.  You can register for the series for $100, which includes all 3 races and the free pullover. This option is only available prior to the first race on November 15th.

The other 3 options are to register for each individual race seperately for $40.  This option does not include the free pullover. However, the pullover will be available for purchase.

Location & Course
-Location of each race will start and end in the city parking lot on 3rd and Broadway next to the river.  The route will start from the parking lot and continue over the bridge and along the running trail of the river towards Soldiers Field.  The route will be an out & back.  Each race will be the same route and location.

*NOTE* This route is maintained by the city Mon-Fri.  There are no guarantees the course will be free of snow on Saturday mornings of each race.  We will do our best to keep the course as clean as we can.

-NOV 15th RACE- 9:30 am
-DEC 13TH RACE-  9:30 am
-DEC 31st RACE- 9:30 am

Age Groups Male & Female

15 + Under       41-45
16-20                46-50
21-25                51-55
26-30                56-60
31-35                61 + Over

Age Group Prize Purse
-1st place- $100 Item from TerraLoco
-2nd place- $50 Item TBD
-3rd place- $25 Item TBD
*Finisher of each race will receive a signature Winter Series medal
*Age group prizes will be presented at Dooley's Pub following the New Years Eve race

Post Race Activities
After each race, we will walk a few hundred yards down 3rd street to gather at our Winter Series sponsor, Dooley's Pub for food and drinks.  

Packet Pick-Up
All packet pick-up's will be located at TerraLoco the day before each race from 3-7 pm

REGISTRATION (Click on the race series below to sign-up)
-Winter 5k Race Series (All 3 Races) 
-Winter 5k Race Series (November Race)
-Winter 5k Race Series (December Race)
-Winter 5k Race Series (New Year's Ever Race)

Winter 5k Race Series Sponsors 2014






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