Triton Multisports certified triathlon coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you are looking to finish your first 5k or Ironman or you want to slowly get back into shape and start a nutrition plan, we have a plan tailored to meet your specific needs, goals and time lines.  

Triton Multisports has certified USA Triathlon coaches in adult as well as youth & junior.  We also have certified USA Swimming coaches on staff.  All of our certified coaches take our jobs very serious and want to pass our knowledge onto our adult and youth athletes.  Our coaches have coached everyone from sprint to Ironman athletes. Triton Multisports coached 6 Ironman athletes in 2014 and they all finished in their goal times or better.  We have also coached several Jr. athletes who qualified for the 2014 USAT Championships in Milwaukee.

Each plan provides a workout schedule that fits within your busy lifestyle.  Your training plans will be directly sent to your premiumTraining Peaks account where you can view them using any computer or smart phone app.  By using one of our suggested heart rate monitors, all of your training data can be sent directly to your Training Peaks account where your coach can break down your workout step by step so we can provide you with feedback.



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